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For things to function properly, a good team is of utmost importance. Thank goodness, I am able to head a good team in all areas. Alone, it would be impossible. I always remember a phrase: the more you know, the better it is for me. As such, I can devote myself to thinking about other things, knowing that you are doing a good job, and I am reassured that the things will be well-done.

Felipe Müller (oenologist from Viña Tabali, Chile)11 GRIZZO, A., BURGOS, C. and MILAN, E. Entrevista: Enólogo na Essência, Adega, p.10-17, junho 2018.

Since taking over REM more than thirty years ago, it has taken some time to win several battles, aiming at the professionalization of our publication, including its periodicity, which is one of the weaknesses of some national magazines. It has been necessary to blend tradition with innovations, in order to maintain our scientific force in the world. For us, this has meant being open-minded and taking risks.

One of the most successful steps in that direction was to form a team of associated editors. I remember a sentence read, I do not remember the author, but it said that intelligent people look for people smarter than themselves because the result will always be positive. And many of the newcomers began to assist REM in finding other researchers, further improving and reassuring my work as editor-in-chief, since, as in a chess match, victory depends on good, well-made moves. Thank you all.

In addition to the team of associate editors, there are other teams that are part of REM, without which REM would not function. These are: peer reviewers, drafters, language reviewers, companies, etc. Once again, thank you.

Notwithstanding, REM continues with its values and principles even though the team spirit prevails in various operational areas and this generates innovation.

Upon closing this volume, it is worth remembering that, one of the most frequent discourses, in the meeting of ABEC - Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors, is the professionalization of the editors. For the most part, besides their publishing activities, they have to divide their time with classes, research, and student orientation. This fact sometimes prevents greater development of the Brazilian publications. It is time for the organs linked to education or scientific development to support the activity of publishers of scientific publications.

One cannot always do things the same way, otherwise one loses the momentum and power to impact science. And, as in mathematics, evolution is the necessary and sufficient condition for the continuity of good scientific publications.


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    GRIZZO, A., BURGOS, C. and MILAN, E. Entrevista: Enólogo na Essência, Adega, p.10-17, junho 2018.

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