More than commemorate our anniversary

Prof. Jório Coelho About the author

REM enters its 84th year of existence, and its aim for the year 2020 is to demonstrate creativity, innovation, and sustainability, as well as to increase its international circulation. Admittedly, calculated risks will be taken, but they will allow expansion and conquest in the areas in which it operates.

A Microsoft ad read: It's time for a new work culture, marked by the shift to a more open and collaborative approach. Modern environments and the ability of researchers to work anywhere are factors that encourage the creation of multidisciplinary teams, which creates space for collaborative thinking and, consequently, encourages innovation.

REM can identify with this announcement, in which I changed the word employees for researchers, and this opens the door for the magazine to undertake and seek even more international success because of its longevity, its periodicity, and its work team, all contributing to its great success.

This holiday season, we expanded the number of associate publishers to reduce workload and evaluation time. It is worth noting that all of them develop research papers, orient theses, are permanently in the classrooms, and are still dedicated to the work of Associate Editor with the responsibility of approving or not an article.

A partnership with, SciELO and Clarivate and the use of Publons, is enabling REM to get to the bottom of the issues and provide authors and reviewers with a reflection on the goals of this publication. I remember here the purpose of Publons: working with the academic community to improve transparency, quality, and efficiency of peer review.

This is how REM is starting 2020, and here comes a question for future authors: why are you still pondering? Submit Your paper Today.

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    20 Dec 2019
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    Jan-Mar 2020
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