Relationship and loyalty between farmers and consumers in direct selling groups of agroecological foods in Florianópolis-SC

Amanda Biesek Lovatto Dayana Lilian Rosa Miranda Oscar José Rover Alberto Bracagioli NetoAbout the authors


In the last decades, movements contrary to the hegemonic agri-food model have emerged. These movements foment values such as quality, tradition, trust, and proximity, usually based on short food supply chains. This article analyzes the relationship between farmers and consumers and the latter’s loyalty to Célula de Consumidores Responsáveis (CCR) (Responsible Consumption Cells), a direct selling group. To carry out the analysis, the relationship marketing approach was adopted. The methodological tools used in this research were participant observation, questionnaire surveys, and work monitoring of the institutional team. It was identified that there is an interest in narrowing the gap between the spheres of production and consumption, although there is still a distance between them. The consumers presented a growing level of awareness regarding responsible food consumption, expressing satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty to the initiative. It was concluded that the CCR project has the potential to broaden actions and analyzes of relationship marketing, and co-responsibility between consumers and farmers.

short food supply chains; relationship marketing; consumer loyalty; organic product

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