Evaluation of the implantation of the Mortality Information System in Pernambuco state, Brazil, in 2012* * Article derived from the Doctoral thesis entitled “'Evaluation of the effectiveness of intervention for the improvement of the Mortality Information System in Pernambuco: a quasi-experimental study', submitted by Barbara de Queiroz Figueirôa to the Child and Adolescent Health Postgraduate Program of the Federal University of Pernambuco, on 8 June 2018. Study funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Health: Process No 779427/2012.

Barbara de Queiroz Figueirôa Paulo Germano de Frias Lygia Carmen de Moraes Vanderlei Suely Arruda Vidal Patrícia Ismael de Carvalho Cândida Correia de Barros Pereira Idalacy de Carvalho Barreto Lidian Franci Batalha Santa Maria Pedro Israel Cabral de Lira About the authors



to evaluate the implantation of the Mortality Information System (SIM) in Pernambuco, Brazil.


this was an evaluation study; primary data (questionnaires) and secondary data (SIM) were used for the municipalities to estimate the degree of implantation (DI), comparing structure and process indicators with outcome indicators; data were consolidated by region and state.


SIM was partially implanted in the state (70.6%) and its regions (66.3% to 74.8%); 'management' (75.1%), 'issuing and filling in' (79.1%), and 'processing' (71.7%) were partially implanted; 'collection' (80.7%) was implanted; while 'distribution and control' (49.7%) and 'analysis and dissemination' (58.0%) had incipient implantation; more than 90% coverage was found for deaths with defined underlying causes, as well as for municipalities with monthly data transfer, and death certificates typed and sent on a timely basis; consistency was found between DI and outcome indicators, which improved as DI increased.


SIM was found to be only partially implanted owing to inadequacies in distribution, control, analysis and dissemination, thus influencing unfavorably the effects observed.

Health Evaluation; Health Information Systems; Vital Statistics; Mortality Registries

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