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Anti-HCV related to HCV PCR and risk factors analysis in a blood donor population of Central Brazil

Anticorpo anti-HCV relacionado a detecção do HCV por PCR e análise de fatores de risco em uma população de doadores de sangue do Brasil Central

Data concerning HCV infection in Central Brazil are rare. Upon testing 2,350 voluntary blood donors from this region, we found anti-HCV prevalence rates of 2.2% by a second generation ELISA and 1.4% after confirmation by a line immunoassay. Antibodies against core, NS4, and NS5 antigens of HCV were detected in 81.8%, 72.7%, and 57.5%, respectively, of the positive samples in the line immunoassay. HCV viremia was present in 76.6% of the anti-HCV-positive blood donors. A relation was observed between PCR positivity and serum reactivity in recognizing different HCV antigens in the line immunoassay. The majority of the positive donors had history of previous parenteral exposure. While the combination of ALT>50 IU/l and anti-HBc positivity do not appear to be good surrogate markers for HCV infection, the use of both ALT anti-HCV tests is indicated in the screening of Brazilian blood donors.

HCV; Anti-HCV; PCR; Risk factors; ALT; Anti-HBc; Blood donors

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