Interrelation between parasitic infections and hypovitaminosis A: Schistosoma mansoni infection and the retinol blood levels in an endemic area of State of Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Inter-relação entre parasitoses e hipovitaminose A: Infecção por Schistosoma mansoni e o nível sérico de retinol de população de zona endêmica de Minas Gerais (Brasil)

The interrelation between schistosomiasis and the retinol blood levels was studied in a double blind method, by comparing the serum vitamin A of the infected and non-infected group of an endemic area of Schistosoma mansoni infection. The infected group was characterized by 106 parasitized persons in the intestinal and hepatointestinal forms, who eliminated less than 500 eggs/gram of feces (Modified Kato's method); the non-infected group was characterized by 112 inhabitants of this endemic area without eggs in the stools and presenting negative intradermal reactions, and absence of previous specific treatment. The blood levels of retinol was determinated using trifluoracetic acid method, regarding the normal levels > 20,0mg/100ml. The results of this study point out the absence of correlation between S. mansoni infection and blood levels of vitamin A.

Infecção por S. mansoni; Esquistossomose; Hipovitaminose A; Retinol sérico

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