Calcium intake and bone mineral density in adult women with lactose intolerance

OBJECTIVE: This study compared the calcium intake and bone mineral density of adult women with lactose intolerance with those of their counterparts without the condition. METHODS: Sixty adult women aged 20 to 40 years were divided into two groups: 30 diagnosed with lactose intolerance and 30 without the condition. Calcium intake was assessed by three 24hour recalls and bone mineral density of the femur was determined by dual energy xray absorptiometry. RESULTS: The bone mineral density of the femoral neck (M=0.86, SD=0.13g/cm² versus M=0.77, SD=0.12g/cm²) and femoral total (M=1.14, SD=0.14g/cm² versus M=1.06, SD=0.12g/cm²) were lower (p<0.05) for the lactoseintolerant group than for the control, but there was no significant difference for the bone density of the entire body (M=1.14, SD=0.15g/cm² versus M=1.08, SD=0.09g/cm², p>0.05). Also, calcium intake was lower for the lactose intolerant than for the control group (M=250.5, SD=111.7mg/day-1 versus M=659.7, SD=316.1mg/day-1, p<0.05). CONCLUSION: The results of this study suggest that the onset of intolerance symptoms may influence bone mineral density due to low calcium intake.

Lactase; Milk; Bone and bones; Malabsorption sindromes

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