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Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica: 40 years


Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica – 40 years

The Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica, one of the most traditional psychiatric journals in South America, has started with the first issue of this year, a special edition about "Molecular studies in schizophrenia"1, to celebrate 40 years of information and actualization in psychiatry. Founded in 1972 by A. C. Pacheco e Silva, Fernando de O. Bastos, J. Carvalhal Ribas and J. R. de Albuquerque Fortes, the Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica has maintained its commitment to provide a program of actualization and continuing education for mental health care professionals in the fields of Clinical Psychiatry, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, and Human Sciences.

Based on the principle of continuous improvement, we are always looking to upgrade processes and services. From 2013 onwards, concerning about providing scientific knowledge also to the English-speaking audience and promoting the indexing in international databases, we will publish articles in the print version preferentially in English, whereas articles published on the website SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online: and the journals website ( will be provided in Portuguese and English.

Furthermore, we implemented an online submission system, accessible through the Journals Portal of the University of São Paulo: More information about submitting a manuscript is described on the journal's website:

In the present issue we start a series of papers discussing several aspects of one of the most exciting and challenging issues in science and philosophy: mind-brain relationship. This series is based on an international symposium organized by Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) and University of São Paulo (USP) that gave rise to a book recently released by one of the largest academic publishing houses in the world2. This work covers a wide range of fields of knowledge such as philosophy, history of science, physics, functional neuroimaging, neuropsychiatry, palliative care, and psychology. It puts a special emphasis in the implications of the scientific investigation of spiritual experiences to a better understanding of the mind brain relationship. The "Mind-Brain" series of the Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica that starts in this issue will be composed mainly by shortened, adapted and updated versions of the book's main chapters. This will allow wide access to readers worldwide. Papers' authors are Brazilians and international leading researchers, including Robert Cloninger, Andrew Newberg, Saulo Araujo, Peter Fenwick, Julio Peres, Mario Beauregard, Franklin Santos, Robert Almeder, Alexander Moreira-Almeida, Erlendur Haraldsson, and Carlos Alvarado. We are confident that this series will reach high impact, in the same way the special bilingual issue in Spirituality and Mental Health that the Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica published in 20073 and that has been accessed more than 250,000 times at SciELO. With this series, the Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica one more time consolidates its place as a high level international journal with leadership in cutting edge issues such as spirituality and mind-brain relationship.

Wagner F. Gattaz


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    02 July 2013
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