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Leishmaniose tegumentar no Oeste do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil

A survey was performed among 22 patients with ulcers suspected of leishmanial origin in the municipalities of Quilombo and Coronel Freitas, west of Santa Catarina State. From 5 patients only smears from the ulcers were examined, 5 others were submitted to Montenegro's intradermal test and in 8 both methods were used. Cases were regarded as confirmed when: 1. parasites were found in the ulcer smears; 2. the lesions were clinically characteristic and the skin test was positive and 3. the clinically characteristic lesions healed after specific treatment. Fourteen patients were regarded as confirmed cases, 11 being autochthonous, showing that transmission of cutaneous leishmaniasis occurs in the State. Of the autochthonous cases 5 showed parasites in the skin smears. Most patients were males and all were older than 15 years of age.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis; Santa Catarina; Brazil

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