Isolation of dengue 2 virus from a patient with central nervous system involvement (transverse myelitis)

Isolamento de dengue 2 de paciente com comprometimento do sistema nervoso central (mielite transversa)

Raimundo N.Q. Leão Teichi Oikawa Elizabeth S.T. Rosa José T. Yamaki Sueli G. Rodrigues Helena B. Vasconcelos Maria R.S. Sousa Jaime K. Tsukimata Raimunda S.S. Azevedo Pedro F.C. Vasconcelos About the authors

A dengue fever case is described in a 58-year-old male patient with febrile illness and thrombocytopenia complicated by neurological involvement characterized by transverse myelitis followed by weakness of both legs and flaccid paralysis. Muscle strength was much diminished and bilateral areflexia was observed. Dengue 2 (DEN-2) virus was isolated and the patient sero-converted by hemagglutination-inhibition and IgM-ELISA tests. The RT-PCR test was positive to DEN-2 in acute phase serum and culture supernatant, but negative in the cerebrospinal fluid. After three weeks of hospitalization the patient was discharged. No other infectious agent was detected in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples. The patient had full recovery from paralysis six months after the onset of DEN-2 infection.

Dengue fever; Transverse myelitis; Dengue 2; Virus isolation; RT-PCR

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