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The article examines to what point the Brazilian Anthropophagy movement innovates in its approach to the importation of ideas. It begins by analysing how Oswald de Andrade’s ideological project developed between 1924 and 1928 in the Pau Brazil Poetry Manifesto and the Anthropophagic Manifesto. It then compares the writer’s arguments with the critique made of his program at the time, which stressed its supposed European inspiration. More specifically, through the journal Revista de Antropofagia, it looks to understand the paths taken and meanings explored by the movement up to 1929. In each of these moments, special attention is paid to the dialogue between anthropophagists and other contemporary intellectuals. In sum, it tries to understand Anthropophagy in its context in order to evaluate, in deliberately anachronic terms, how far it can transcend them, comparing it particularly with recent postcolonial formulations in anthropology.

Anthropophagy; originality; copy; ideas; post-colonialism

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