The Covid-19 pandemic told by women: what do health professionals say?

Fernanda Canavêz Camila Peixoto Farias Giovana Fagundes Luczinski About the authors


The article aims to investigate narratives of Brazilian women working as healthcare professionals in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is part of a research that discusses the subjective repercussions of this context, from a gender perspective, for which an online questionnaire was constructed, inviting women to narrate their experiences. The research was developed within the scope of psychology, articulating psychoanalytic and phenomenological methods, allied to feminist theories, in favor of a critical and situated analysis of contemporary phenomena. The qualitative analysis of the reports of 602 women led to different aspects, among which we highlight the intensification of care demands, whether in the family or the professional sphere, which leads them to disregard self-care. At the same time, the exposure to risk and the constant fear seems to lead to the occurrence of a psychic contamination from the contact with patients affected by Covid-19, which produces intense suffering. The results show how gender issues impact women working in the health field, reaffirming the need to consider the specificities of this public in the development of public policies and mental health care devices.

Women; Working; Gender and health; Pandemics; Mental health; Psychology

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