Neoliberal Reforms, Brazilian Health Care Reform and Private Law State Foundations: analysis of a Family Health State Foundation (FESF-Bahia) document

The implantation of the Unified Health System (SUS) has coincided with a period of Brazilian history of hostililty toward universal social rights, in which the pattern of class domination in the country is deepened, determined by subordination to external interests by a regime of social segregation. The process of neoliberal reforms, a current expression of this pattern, clashes head on with the propositions of the Brazilian public health reform. This study has analyzed a document from the Fundação de Saúde da Família da Bahia, in which the main elements of the neoliberal reforms were found: the accomodation to fiscal adjustment, the removal of worker rights, the corporative logic behind health care service management.

Brazilian Health Care Reform; Private Law State Foundations; National Health System; Neoliberal Reforms; Civil Rights

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