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The objective of this article is to present the process of elaboration of educational material to support actions with young people in the thematic of drugs, result of emancipatory action research, developed during 14 workshops, with researchers and health workers. It was organized in three axes: the structural dimension, which analyzes the production-distribution-drug-consumption phenomenon in the context of contemporary social structure and dynamics; the superstructural dimension, which discusses hegemonic ideology and values in contemporary society and its relation to the phenomenon of drugs; and the axis that analyzes the responses of youth to social contradictions, with discussion about the possibility of political organization as a process of strengthening youth to cope with distress. The parts that make up each axis are: a base text; indication of films and complementary texts; questions to deepen the discussion; pedagogical strategies. The didactic material favors critical and radical educational processes, those that expose the social contradictions that are at the basis of the production-circulation-drug-consumption phenomenon, and overcome formations that focus on the drug and that blame the user, processes that commonly put away the young people of the discussion.

drug users; health education; youth; nursing; action-research

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