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New experiences for presenting, accessing, and reading digital scientific articles on the web

Although scientific electronic journals are recognized as a medium for scholarly publication in the digital environment, they are still based on the printed pattern. The textual format of articles in natural language prevents the semantic processing of that content by computer programs. The semantics and expressive power of search strategies for retrieving content in modern online bibliographic systems of digital libraries, repositories, and databases are still limited. OBJECTIVES: to identify and analyze experiences that involve Semantic Web technologies and Web 2.0 to provide direct access to the semantic content of digital scientific articles and expand the interaction between authors and readers on the Web. METHODOLOGY: approach (qualitative), type of research (descriptive, exploratory), techniques used (bibliographic and documentary research). RESULTS: Semantic Web technologies represent an advance towards the semantic retrieval and processing in the digital environment; software agents that run “inferences” and more sophisticated tasks go beyond conventional digital publication, surpassing the previously used traditional textual and linear reading format, search engines, and browsing. The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies facilitates the relationship and the activities developed by the researcher in the digital environment. Metrics based on these activities can inform measures of faster impact and complement traditional citation metrics, outlining a new scenario for Scientometrics. CONCLUSION: (10) experiments are applied to the Biomedical area, (11) use Semantic Web technologies, (6) use Web 2.0 tools; (13) are already in operation, (4) are considered theoretical proposals, and (5) are still defined as prototypes.

Scientific electronic journal; Web 2.0; Semantic Web; Semantic publications

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