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Basic Information

BOLEMA – Mathematics Education Bulletin is one of the most important publications in the field of mathematics education in Brazil. Mathematics Education can be seen as a field of inquiry that seeks to provide responses to educational phenomena related to mathematics, in a broad sense. Thus, the periodical deals with articles that report on research on topics such as mathematical learning in the classroom or the role of mathematics in society. Although it originated and is based at the State University of São Paulo (UNESP), Rio Claro, BOLEMA has become a national journal with an editorial body and consultants from throughout Brazil and the world. It received a high score in an evaluation done by CAPES, the national body that guides the policies of the Ministry of Education regarding graduate study and research.
Published under this title for the first time in 1985, the BOLEMA journal was born of the initiative of a group of graduate students in the Graduate Program in Mathematics Education at UNESP, Rio Claro, associated with the Institute of Geosciences and Exact Sciences and the Department of Mathematics at the same university. The first two issues were circulated in 1985. From the year 2000 onwards, it maintained a semiannual periodicity, and from 2008 onwards, meeting the demand of the community, it became a quarterly issue, incorporating a number of thematic issues into the regular editions.

BOLEMA: is a quarterly journal.

Its abbreviated title is BOLEMA, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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  • Biblioteca Brasileira de Educação - BBE
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Intellectual Property

  • All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-type BY.
  • The Bolema: Boletim de Educação Matemática adopted until Aug/2015 the Creative Commons license  attribution-type BY-NC-ND. Actually, the license  is the attribution-type BY.



The journal receives support from:

  • The Office of the Dean of Research of UNESP – PROPe/UNESP
  • The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development of Brazil - CNPq
  • Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES)


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