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Bragantia vol.14 no.unico Campinas  1955

Nitrogen fixation by bacteria in association with crotalária and velvet bean
Catani, R. A.; Gargantini, H.; Gallo, J. Romano

Soybean improvement in São Paulo
Miyasaka, Shiro

Sampling soils for fertility studies
Catani, R. A.; Gallo, J. Romano; Gargantini, H.; Conagin, A.

Observations on bronzing of the Mocó cotton
Costa, A. S.; Nascimento, Fernando Mello do; Borges, Humberto Escorel

Covariance analysis in rectangular lattices
Conagin, A.

Coffee breeding: X - Selection to eliminate plants with high frequency of empty fruit locules in the Mundo Novo coffee
Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

A leaf disease of Hevea brasiliensis
Viégas, A. P.

Genetics of Coffea: XVII - Inheritance of the angustifólia characteristics in Coffea arabica L.
Krug, C. A.; Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

Manofactorial inheritance of "empty-locule" in the Mundo Novo coffee
Mendes, A. J. T.; Medina, Dixier M.

Fruit and seed yields of two classes of Mundo Novo coffee plants
Mendes, A. J. T.; Conagin, A.

Studies on the bionomics of Utetheisa ornatrix, an insect pest of Crotalaria spp.
Tella, Romeu de

Longevity and life tables for the tobacco beetle Lasioderma serricorne F.
Mendes, Luiz O. T.; Tella, Romeu de

Analysis of balanced, incomplete block designs when number of varieties equals number of blocks
Arruda, H. Vaz de

Cytological observations in Coffea: XIX. Monosomics
Mendes, A. J. T.

Transformations of experimental data
Conagin, Armando

Mineral fertilizers for corn
Viégas, G. P.

Fertilizer experiments with corn: III - Quantitative applications of mineral fertilizers
Viégas, G. P.; Catani, R. A.

Fertilizer experiments with corn: IV - Nitrogen application as top-dressing
Viégas, G. P.; Catani, R. A.; Freire, E. S.

Vitamin C content in fruits of Myrciaria glomerata
Sobrinho, J. Soubihe; Pelegrino, D.; Gurgel, J. T. A.; Leme Júnior, J.; Malavolta, E.

Fertilizer experiments with corn: V - Comments on the use of large amounts of seed in field trials
Freire, E. S.; Viégas, Glauco P.

Experiments on dehydration of vegetable foods
Tosello, André; Veiga, Aby de Arruda

Effect of sunlight on coffee seed viability
Bacchi, Oswaldo

Grape breeding in Brazil
Santos Neto, José Ribeiro Almeida

Flower morphology and fruit development in the cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Conagin, Candida H. T. M.

Genetics of Coffea: XXII - Additional observations on the influence of the na allele on coffee yield
Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

Observations on the internal brown spot of irish potatoes
Boock, O. J.

Coffee breeding: VIII - Additional information on polyembryony, germless seeds and empty seeds in Coffea
Alves, Aldo

Treatment of peanut seeds
Bacchi, Owaldo; Canecchio Filho, Vicente

Superbrotamento de Erigeron bonariensis L.
Costa, A. S.

Soja bud blicht, a disease caused by the brazilian tobacco streak virus
Costa, A. S.; Miyasaka, Shiro; Pinto, A. J. D'andrea

Nitric and ammonium nitrogen in the rain water
Verdade, F. C.; Küpper, A.

An observed tropism of adults of Lasioderma serricorne F., when sexually isolated
Mendes, Luiz O. T.; Tella, Romeu de

Exocortis symptoms on rangpur lime
Moreira, S.

Planting time for dry season peanut
Canecchio Filho, V.

Sampling methods for starch determination in cassava hoots
Pacheco, J. A. Camargo; Conagin, A.

Leaf variegation in Agave sisalana Perrine
Medina, J.C.