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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.32 no.1 Jaboticabal Jan./Feb. 2012

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  Environmental comfort in constructions for Sindi and Guzera calves in the agreste region of the State of Paraiba, Brazil
Furtado, Dermeval A.; Peixoto, Adriana P.; Nascimento, José W. B. do; Regis, Jonh E. F.

 ·  Adjust of regression models to estimate the rectal temperature of broilers for the first 14 days of life
Ponciano, Patrícia F.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Lima, Renato R. de; Schiassi, Leonardo; Teixeira, Vitor H.

 ·  Water consumption when exposed to sun and shade for native goats in the semiarid of the State of Paraiba, Brazil
Furtado, Dermeval A.; Leite, Jackson R. de S.; Nascimento, Jose W. B. do; Leal, Antonio F.; Silva, Andrea S.

 ·  Thermal performance and concentration of gases in facilities for pigs in semiarid region from State of Paraiba - Brazil
Furtado, Dermeval A.; Amancio, Daniele; Nascimento, José W. B. do; Gomes, Josivanda P.; Silva, Rafael C.

 ·  Behavior, performance and physiological parameters of pigs reared in deep bedding
Caldara, Fabiana R.; Rosa, Poliana S. G.; Ferreira, Rony A.; Reis, Nayana M. de O.; Nääs, Irenilza de A.; Paz, Ibiara C. de L. A.; Garcia, Rodrigo G.; Ferreira, Viviane M. O. dos S.

 Energy Systems
 ·  Anaerobic biodigestion of pigs feces in the initial, growing and finishing stages fed with diets formulated with corn or sorghum
Miranda, Adélia P.; Lucas Junior, Jorge de; Thomaz, Maria C.; Pereira, Gener T.; Fukayama, Ellen H.

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Spatial variability of soil physical properties in two management systems in sugarcane crop
Carvalho, Laércio A. de; Meurer, Ismael; Silva Junior, Carlos A. da; Centurion, José F.

 ·  Spatial variability of the rainfall erosive potential in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Oliveira, Paulo T. S.; Rodrigues, Dulce B. B.; Sobrinho, Teodorico A.; Carvalho, Daniel F. de; Panachuki, Elói

 ·  Test of a microlysimeter for measurement of soil evaporation
Flumignan, Danilton L.; Faria, Rogério T. de; Lena, Bruno P.

 ·  Soil penetration resistance analysis by multivariate and geostatistical methods
Medina, Cecilia; Camacho-Tamayo, Jesús H.; Cortés, César A.

 ·  Rain water productivity in subsistence crops in the Semiarid of Pernambuco
Brito, Luiza T. de L.; Cavalcanti, Nilton de B.; Silva, Aderaldo de S.; Pereira, Lúcio A.

 ·  Estimated production of bean crop irrigated in Cristalina-GO under different depths and uniformity of application
Mantovani, Everardo C.; Montes, David R. P.; Vieira, Gustavo H. S.; Ramos, Márcio M.; Soares, Antônio A.

 ·  Contribution of the internal structure in the sand filters head loss used in irrigation
Mesquita, Marcio; Testezlaf, Roberto; Salcedo, Juan C.; Bizari, Douglas R.

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Fuel consumption of a tractor in function of wear, of ballasting and tire inflation pressure
Spagnolo, Roger T.; Volpato, Carlos E. S.; Barbosa, Jackson A.; Palma, Marcos A. Z.; Barros, Murilo M. de

 ·  Spatial and temporal variability of phosphorus, potassium and of the yield of a coffee field
Ferraz, Gabriel A. E S.; Silva, Fábio M. da; Carvalho, Luis C. C.; Alves, Marcelo de C.; Franco, Bruno C.

 ·  Auger-type granular fertylizer distributor: matemathical model and dynamic simulation
Garcia, Angel P.; Cappelli, Nelson L.; Umezu, Claudio K.

 Post-Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  Modeling and simulation of forced-air cooling of strawberries using variable convective coefficient
Siqueira, Álvaro J. H.; Costa, Andréa O. da; Costa Junior, Esly F. da

 Topography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
 ·  Comparison measures of maps generated by geostatistical methods
Dalposso, Gustavo H.; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel A.; Mercante, Erivelto; Johann, Jerry A.; Borssoi, Joelmir A.

 ·  Use of data mining and spectral profiles to differentiate condition after harvest of coffee plants
Lamparelli, Rubens A. C.; Johann, Jerry A.; Santos, Éder R. dos; Esquerdo, Julio C. D. M.; Rocha, Jansle V.

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Rainfall erosivity for the State of Rio de Janeiro estimated by artificial neural network
Carvalho, Daniel F. de; Khoury Júnior, Joseph K.; Varella, Carlos A. A.; Giori, Jacqueline Z.; Machado, Roriz L.