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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.8 no.3 São Paulo June 1997

Pinto, Angelo da Cunha; Galembeck, Fernando

 ·  Polystyrene modified by grafting
Rocha, Avani Maria C; Carvalho, Laura Hecker de; Souza, Antonio Gouveia de

 ·  Synthesis of 6α,7β-Di-Hydroxyvouacapan-17β-Oic acid derivatives part III: synthesis, 1H- and 13C-NMR of amide derivatives1
Maltha, Célia Regina Álvares; Stefani, Guglielmo Marconi; Piló-Veloso, Dorila; Ferreira-Alves, Dalton Luiz

 ·  Inhibitory action on aldose reductase by soybean flavonoids
Oliveira, Tânia Toledo de; Nagem, Tanus Jorge; Miranda, Luiz Carlos Guedes de; Paula, Vanderlúcia Fonseca de; Teixeira, Marco Antônio

 ·  Olefin hydrogenation with iron carbonyls as catalysts
Baibich, I.M; Garcia, R.R.P

 ·  Composite of poly(Dithienopyrrole) and poly(Vinylchloride) obtained by the electrode coating method
De Paoli, Marco-A; Casalbore-Miceli, Giuseppe; Geri, Alessandro

 ·  Electrochemical behavior of a nitrobenzenesulfonyl derivative of aniline in aqueous solution
Zanoni, M.V. Boldrin; Rosa, I.L.V.; Pesquero, C.R; Stradiotto, N.R.

 ·  Synthesis of neoflavonoids: 4-(4’-methoxyphenyl)-3,4-dihydrocoumarins
Bezerra, Maria Zeneide Barbosa; Machado, Maria Iracema Lacerda; Morais, Selene Maia de; Braz-Filho, Raimundo

 ·  Dibenzylbutyrolactone lignans and coumarins from Ipomoea cairica
Lima, Olga O. de A; Braz-Filho, Raimundo

 ·  Relative lability of trace metals Complexed in aquatic humic substances using Ion-Exchanger cellulose-hyphan
Rocha, Julio C; Toscano, Ilda A.S; Cardoso, Arnaldo A

 ·  Peroxide immobilization of a silicone stationary phase on a support
Schneider, Rosana de Cassia de Souza; Pizzutti, Ionara Regina; Adaime, Martha Bohrer

 ·  A determination of free energy changes from a gas phase study of equilibria [(C2H2)m(N2)n-1]+ + N2 = [(C2H2)m(N2)n]+
Speller, Carlos V; Fitaire, Marc

 ·  Acylated flavonol glycosides and terpenoids from the leaves of Alibertia sessilis
Olea, Roberto S. Gallegos; Roque, Nídia F; Bolzani, Vanderlan da S

 ·  Ionic conductivity of LiHf2(PO4)3 with NASICON-type structure and its possible application as electrolyte in lithium batteries
Martínez-Juárez, A; Amarilla, J.M; Iglesias, J.E; Rojo, J.M

 ·  The synthesis and characterization of the novel Pseudo-Octahedral complex bis[(2-hydroxybenzyl) - (2-methylpyridyl)-amine] zinc(II), [ZnII(bpa)2].2H2O as a model for astacin
Neves, Ademir; Vencato, Ivo; Verani, Cláudio Nazari

 ·  Preparation, characterization and electrochemical studies of dinuclear copper(II) complexes with pseudohalides and bidentate amines on platinum electrode in acetonitrile
Sargentelli, V; Benedetti, A.V; Mauro, A.E

 ·  Synthesis of a bicyclo[6.3.0]undecene skeleton characteristic of some cyclooctanoids by an intramolecular reductive coupling of carbonyls promoted by low - valent titanium
Lima, Edson Luiz da Silva; Correia, Carbos Roque Duarte

 ·  The complete assignment of 1H- and 13C-NMR of prenylated xanthones from Tovomita spp. (Guttiferae)
Nagem, Tanus Jorge; Werle, Alceni Augusta; Carvalho, Mário Geraldo de; Mesquita, Antônio Augusto Lins