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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.14 no.2 São Paulo Mar./Apr. 2003

 ·  The development of Analytical Chemistry in Brazil: retrospective and expectations
Zagatto, Elias A. G.; Sá, Sandra M. O.

 ·  Electrochemical sensors: a powerful tool in analytical chemistry
Stradiotto, Nelson R.; Yamanaka, Hideko; Zanoni, Maria Valnice B.

 ·  Sample preparation for atomic spectroscopy: evolution and future trends
Oliveira, Elisabeth de

 ·  The role of the separation sciences in the 21th century
Lanças, Fernando M.

 ·  Near Infrared Spectroscopy: fundamentals, practical aspects and analytical applications
Pasquini, Celio

 ·  High-resolution continuum-source atomic absorption spectrometry: what can we expect?
Welz, Bernhard; Becker-Ross, Helmut; Florek, Stefan; Heitmann, Uwe; Vale, Maria Goreti R.

 ·  Direct electron transfer: an approach for electrochemical biosensors with higher selectivity and sensitivity
Freire, Renato S.; Pessoa, Christiana A.; Mello, Lucilene D.; Kubota, Lauro T.

 ·  Production of organic mercury from Hg0: experiments using microcosms
Bisinoti, Márcia Cristina; Jardim, Wilson F.

 ·  An automatic flow-batch standard-addition method for sodium determination in alcohol fuel by flame photometry
Almeida, Luciano F. de; Martins, Valdomiro L.; Silva, Edvan C. da; Moreira, Pablo N. T.; Araujo, Mario Cesar U.

 ·  Reagent generation assisted by ultrasonic irradiation
Korn, Mauro; Andrade, Marta V. A. S.; Borges, Sivanildo S.; Sousa, Clarivaldo S.; Oliveira, Fábio S.

 ·  Monosegemented flow potentiometric titration for the determination of chloride in milk and wine
Vieira, Jonas A.; Raimundo Jr., Ivo M.; Reis, Boaventura F.; Montenegro, M. Conceição B.S.M.; Araújo, Alberto N.

 ·  Improved separation of IA and IIA metal cations in matrices with high sodium concentration by capillary electrophoresis with contactless conductometric detection
Silva, José A. Fracassi da; Ricelli, Nara L.; Carvalho, Alexandre Z.; Lago, Claudimir L. do

 ·  Boron isotope dilution in cellular fractions of coffee leaves Evaluated by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with direct injection nebulization (DIN-ICP-MS)
Bellato, Ana Cláudia S.; Menegário, Amauri A.; Giné, Maria Fernanda

 ·  Determination of ranitidine in drugs using a mercury coated platinum ultramicroelectrode and hanging mercury dropping electrode
Malagutti, Andréa R.; Mazo, Luiz H.

 ·  Applications of capillary electrophoresis to the analysis of compounds of clinical, forensic, cosmetological, environmental, nutritional and pharmaceutical importance
Tavares, Marina F. M.; Jager, Alessandra V.; Silva, Clóvis L. da; Moraes, Edgar P.; Pereira, Elisabete A.; Lima, Elizabete C. de; Fonseca, Fabiana N.; Tonin, Fernando G.; Micke, Gustavo A.; Santos, Márcia R.; Oliveira, Marcone A. L. de; Moraes, Maria de Lourdes L. de; Kampen, Maria Helena van; Fujiya, Neide M.

 ·  Determination of cadmium in sediments and in sewage sludge by slurry sampling electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry using iridium as permanent modifier
Borges, Daniel L. G.; Dias, Lúcia F.; Veiga, Márcia A. M. S. da; Curtius, Adilson J.

 ·  Determination of catecholamines in pharmaceutical formulations using a biosensor modified with a crude extract of fungi laccase (Pleurotus ostreatus)
Leite, Oldair D.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando; Barbosa, Aneli de M.

 ·  Analysis of pesticide residues in Brazilian medicinal plants: matrix solid phase dispersion versus conventional (European Pharmacopoeia) methods
Zuin, Vânia G.; Yariwake, Janete H.; Lanças, Fernando M.

 ·  Analytical performance of an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry with Dual View configuration
Silva, Júlio C. J.; Baccan, Nivaldo; Nóbrega, Joaquim A.

 ·  Determination of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) in pharmaceutical preparations by cyclic voltammetry at a copper(II) hexacyanoferrate(III) modified carbon paste electrode
Teixeira, Marcos F. S.; Segnini, Aline; Moraes, Fernando C.; Marcolino-Júnior, Luiz H.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando; Cavalheiro, Éder T. G.

 ·  LC-MS-MS identification of drug metabolites obtained by metalloporphyrin mediated oxidation
Maurin, Andrea J. M.; Iamamoto, Yassuko; Lopes, Norberto P.; Lindsay-Smith, John R.; Bonato, Pierina S.

 ·  FIA-FAAS method for tannin determination based on a precipitation reaction with hemoglobin
Ferreira, Edilene C.; Souza, Gilberto B.; Nogueira, Ana Rita A.

 ·  Determination of fluoride in coal using pyrohydrolysis for analyte separation
Dressler, Valderi L.; Pozebon, Dirce; Flores, Éder L. M.; Paniz, José N. G.; Flores, Érico M. M.