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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.14 no.6 São Paulo Nov./Dec. 2003

Vargas, Maria D.; Pilli, Ronaldo A.

 ·  Molecular materials and devices: developing new functional systems based on the coordination chemistry approach
Toma, Henrique E.

 ·  An overview of forty years organotin chemistry developed at the Free Universities of Brussels ULB and VUB
Gielen, Marcel

 ·  Model studies related to vanadium biochemistry: recent advances and perspectives
Baran, Enrique J.

 ·  Dye-sensitized solar cells: a successful combination of materials
Longo, Claudia; De Paoli, Marco-A.

 ·  Reactions of diiron m-aminocarbyne complexes containing nitrile ligands
Busetto, Luigi; Marchetti, Fabio; Zacchini, Stefano; Zanotti, Valerio

 ·  Anchoring selenido-carbonyl ruthenium clusters to functionalised silica xerogels
Cauzzi, Daniele; Graiff, Claudia; Pattacini, Roberto; Predieri, Giovanni; Tiripicchio, Antonio

 ·  Synthesis of new cationic metalloporphyrins and heterodimer formation with anionic metallophthalocyanines
Ribeiro, Marcela G.; Azzellini, Gianluca C.

 ·  New titanium(IV) and vanadium(IV) haloalkoxides: synthetic route and structural characterisation
Nunes, Giovana G.; Reis, Dayane M.; Camargo, Pedro H. C.; Hitchcock, Peter B.; Hörner, Manfredo; Matos, Robson M.; Mangrich, Antonio S.; Sá, Eduardo L. de; Leigh, G. Jeffery; Soares, Jaísa F.

 ·  Aluminum polyphosphate gels structural evolution probed by NMR spectroscopy
Galembeck, André

 ·  Preparation of a ferrofluid using cyclodextrin and magnetite
Bocanegra-Diaz, Alberto; Mohallem, Nelcy D. S.; Sinisterra, Rubén D.

 ·  The chemistry of enaminones, diazocarbonyls and small rings: our contribution
Kascheres, Concetta Montanile

 ·  An efficient and environmentally benign chemical synthesis of testolactone
Zinczuk, Juan; Bacigaluppo, José A.; Colombo, María I.; Cravero, Raquel M.; González-Sierra, Manuel; Rúveda, Edmundo A.

 ·  Preparation of aromatic geraniol analogues via a Cu(I)-mediated Grignard coupling
Paz, J. Luis; Rodrigues, J. Augusto R.

 ·  Studies towards the construction of alkylidene quinolizidines: the total synthesis of homopumiliotoxin 223G
Santos, Leonardo S.; Pilli, Ronaldo A.

 ·  Preparation of b-enamino carbonylic compounds using microwave radiation/K-10
Braibante, Hugo T. S.; Braibante, Mara E. F.; Rosso, Giovanni B.; Oriques, Daniela A.

 ·  Chemical transformation of abietic acid to new chiral derivatives
Santos, Catarina dos; Zukerman-Schpector, Julio; Imamura, Paulo M.

 Short Report
 ·  Allylic azides as potential building blocks for the synthesis of nitrogenated compounds
Sá, Marcus M.