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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.15 no.2 São Paulo Mar./Apr. 2004

Pinto, Angelo C.; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Multicomponent Biginelli's synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones promoted by SnCl2.2H2O
Russowsky, Dennis; Lopes, Fabrício A.; Silva, Victor S. S. da; Canto, Karen F. S.; D'Oca, Marcelo G. Montes; Godoi, Marla N.

 ·  Isomorphic series of double sulfites of the Cu2SO3.MSO3.2H2O (M = Cu, Fe, Mn, and Cd) Type: a review
Silva, Luciana A. da; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Determination of chloramphenicol in tablets by electrogenerated chemiluminescence
Lindino, Cleber Antonio; Bulhões, Luís Otávio S.

 ·  Application of the semi-empirical topological index in quantitative structure-chromatographic retention relationship (QSRR) studies of aliphatic ketones and aldehydes on stationary phases of different polarity
Junkes, Berenice da S.; Amboni, Renata D. de M. C.; Yunes, Rosendo A.; Heinzen, Vilma E. F.

 ·  Synthesis of guanidine from ammonium thiocyanate in solid state
Zaia, Dimas A. M.; Santana, Henrique de; Toppan, Rodrigo; Zaia, Cássia T. B. V.

 ·  Direct solid sampling by flame atomic absorption spectrometry: determination of manganese in coal samples
Flores, Érico M. M.; Paniz, José Neri G.; Saidelles, Ana Paula F.; Barin, Juliano S.; Dressler, Valderi L.; Müller, Edson I.; Costa, Adilson B.

 ·  Triterpenes and triterpenoidal glycosides from the fruits of Ilex paraguariensis (Maté)
Taketa, Alexandre T. C.; Breitmaier, Eberhard; Schenkel, Eloir P.

 ·  Copper, zinc and manganese determination in saline samples employing faas after separation and preconcentration on Amberlite XAD-7 and Dowex 1x-8 loaded with Alizarin Red S
Korn, Maria das Graças A.; Santos Jr., Aníbal de Freitas; Jaeger, Helena V.; Silva, Nívia Maria S.; Costa, Antônio C. Spínola

 ·  Preparation, X-ray structural studies and plant growth regulatory activity of methyl 6a,7b-thiocarbonyldioxyvouacapan-17 b-oate
Rubinger, Mayura M. M.; Castelo-Branco, Pedro de A.; Guilardi, Silvana; Souza, Elysângela M. R.; Gambardella, Maria T. do P.; Borges, Eduardo E. L.; Ferreira-Alves, Dalton L.; Piló-Veloso, Dorila

 ·  Monte Carlo simulation of the adsorption of phenol on gold electrodes: a simple model
Neves, Rodrigo S.; Motheo, Artur J.; Fernandes, Fernando M. S. Silva; Fartaria, Rui P. S.

 ·  Mass spectrometry of 1,2,5-oxadiazole N-oxide derivatives: use of deuterated analogues in fragmentation pattern studies
Cerecetto, Hugo; González, Mercedes; Seoane, Gustavo; Stanko, Carola; Piro, Oscar E.; Castellano, Eduardo E.

 ·  Reducing the number of experiments in split-plot optimization designs
Bortoloti, João A.; Andrade, João Carlos de; Bruns, Roy E.

 ·  Electrometric investigations on formation of lanthanum molybdates as a function of Ph
Prasad, Shiva; Leite, Valderí D.; Santana, Renato A.C. de; Brito, Joelma B.

 ·  The effect of dye-polymer interactions on the kinetics of the isomerization of 4-dimethylaminoazobenzene and mercury dithizonate
Yamaki, Sahori B.; Oliveira, Marcelo G. de; Atvars, Teresa D. Z.

 ·  Alkaloids and flavone acyl glycosides from Acanthus arboreus
Amer, Masouda E.; Abou-Shoer, Mohamed I.; Abdel-Kader, Maged S.; El-Shaibany, Amina M.S.; Abdel-Salam, Nabil A.

 ·  A Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction (HS-SPME) method for the chromatographic determination of alkylpyrazines in cocoa samples
Pini, Gláucia F.; Brito, Edy S. de; García, Nelson H.P.; Valente, Antonio L. P.; Augusto, Fabio

 ·  Nucleation and growth mechanisms of poly(furan): effect of electrolyte and monomer concentration in acetonitrile
Valle, M. Angélica del; Ugalde, Lastenia; Pino, Flavio del; Díaz, Fernando R.; Bernède, J. C.

 ·  A rapid and sensitive method for dimethylsulphide analysis in Brazilian sugar cane sugar spirits and other distilled beverages
Cardoso, Daniel R.; Andrade Sobrinho, Luiz G.; Lima-Neto, Benedito S.; Franco, Douglas W.

 ·  Is HAM/3 (hydrogenic atoms in molecules, version 3) a semiempirical version of dft (density functional theory) for ionization processes?
Takahata, Yuji; Chong, Delano P.; Segala, Maxmiliano

 ·  Monitoring of pesticides and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water from Paraíba do Sul River, Brazil
Azevedo, Débora de A.; Gerchon, Elaine; Reis, Ederson O. dos

 ·  Reevaluation of ethanol as organic modifier for use in HPLS-RP mobile phases
Ribeiro, Ricardo L. V.; Bottoli, Carla B. G.; Collins, Kenneth E.; Collins, Carol H.

 ·  Fourier transform infrared determination of imidacloprid in pesticide formulations
Quintás, Guillermo; Armenta, Sergio; Garrigues, Salvador; Guardia, Miguel de la

 ·  Determination of cadmium by flame-atomic absorption spectrometry after preconcentration on silica gel modified with cupferron
Bortoleto, Gisele G.; Macarovscha, Greice T.; Cadore, Solange

 ·  Enantioselective analysis of omeprazole in pharmaceutical formulations by chiral high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis
Bonato, Pierina S.; Paias, Fernanda O.

 Short Reports
 ·  Hot-filament metal oxide deposition (HFMOD): a novel method for depositing thin films of metallic oxides
Rouxinol, F. Paulo; Trasferetti, B. Cláudio; Landers, Richard; Moraes, Mário A. Bica de

 ·  Quantitative reflectance spot test for the determination of acetylsalicylic acid in pharmaceutical preparations
Matias, Francisco A. A.; Vila, Marta M. D. C.; Tubino, Matthieu

 ·  Synthesis of (S)-(+)-2-methyl-4-octanol: male-specific compound released by sugarcane weevil Sphenophorus levis (coleoptera: curculionidae)
Zarbin, Paulo H. G.; Princival, Jefferson L.; Santos, Alcindo A. dos; Oliveira, Alfredo R. M. de