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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.22 no.7 São Paulo July 2011

 ·  The transnational practice of chemistry: key competencies and effects on career and scientific productivity
Miller, Bradley D

 ·  Carbocations on zeolites: quo vadis?
Mota, Claudio J. A; Rosenbach Jr, Nilton

 ·  Cracking and hydrocracking of triglycerides for renewable liquid fuels: alternative processes to transesterification
Fréty, Roger; Rocha, Maria da Graça C. da; Brandão, Soraia T; Pontes, Luiz A. M; Padilha, Jose F; Borges, Luiz E. P; Gonzalez, Wilma A

 ·  Enantioselective analysis of fluoxetine and norfluoxetine in plasma samples by protein precipitation and liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
Bueno, Jordana S; Silva, Bruno J.G; Queiroz, Maria Eugênia C

 ·  Determination of biodiesel adulteration with raw vegetable oil from ATR-FTIR data using chemometric tools
Soares, Itânia P; Rezende, Thais F; Pereira, Rita de Cássia. C; Santos, Cláudio G. dos; Fortes, Isabel C. P

 ·  Zr(HSO4)4 as an efficient catalyst for the preparation of 10-aryl-6,8-dimethyl-6,10dihydro-5-oxa-6,8-diazaanthra[2,3-d][1,3]dioxole-7,9-diones under solvent-free conditions
Zhang, Jiangli; Li, Wei Lin; Wu, Li Qiang

 ·  Detection of DNA nucleotides on pretreated boron doped diamond electrodes
Garbellini, Gustavo S; Uliana, Carolina V; Yamanaka, Hideko

 ·  Determination of etimicin in rat plasma using 9-fluorenylmethyl chloroformate precolumn derivatization by HPLC with fluorescence detection
Chang, Xiaojuan; Yu, Zhengping

 ·  Stability-indicating HPLC determination of pramipexole dihydrochloride in bulk drug and pharmaceutical dosage form
Panditrao, Vedavati M; Sarkate, Aniket P; Sangshetti, Jaiprakash N; Wakte, Pravin S; Shinde, Devanand B

 ·  Allylic chlorination of terpenic olefins using a combination of MoCl5 and NaOCl
Boualy, Brahim; Firdoussi, Larbi El; Ali, Mustapha Ait; Karim, Abdellah

 ·  Optimization of a new dissolution test for oxcarbazepine capsules using mixed-level factorial design
Polonini, Hudson C; Oliveira, Marcone A. L. de; Ferreira, Anderson O; Raposo, Nádia R. B; Grossi, Lívia N; Brandão, Marcos A. F

 ·  Adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of nitroimidazole derivative on multiwalled carbon nanotube modified electrodes: influence of size and functionalization of nanotubes
Jara-Ulloa, Paola; Cañete-Rosales, Paulina; Núñez-Vergara, Luis J; Squella, Juan A

 ·  Metabolites from roots of Colubrina greggii var. yucatanensis and evaluation of their antiprotozoan, cytotoxic and antiproliferative activities
Domínguez-Carmona, Dafne B; Escalante-Erosa, Fabiola; García-Sosa, Karlina; Ruiz-Pinell, Grace; Gutierrez-Yapu, David; Chan-Bacab, Manuel J; Moo-Puc, Rosa E; Veitch, Nigel C; Giménez-Turba, Alberto; Peña-Rodríguez, Luis M

 ·  Synthesis and biological activity of some new pyrazoline and pyrimidine derivatives
Hassan, Seham Y

 ·  Electrochemical degradation of the dye reactive orange 16 using electrochemical flow-cell
Gomes, Luciano; Miwa, Douglas W; Malpass, Geoffroy R. P; Motheo, Artur J

 ·  Evolution of the concentration of phenolic compounds in cachaça during aging in an oak (Quercus sp.) barrel
Anjos, Jeancarlo P. dos; Cardoso, Maria das Graças; Saczk, Adelir A; Dórea, Haroldo S; Santiago, Wilder D; Machado, Ana Maria R; Zacaroni, Lidiany M; Nelson, David Lee

 ·  Highly selective and sensitive voltammetric sensor for captopril determination based on modified multiwall carbon nanotubes paste electrode
Ensafi, Ali A; Rezaei, B; Mirahmadi-Zare, Zohre; Karimi-Maleh, H

 ·  H6GeMo10V2O40•16H2O nanoparticles prepared by hydrothermal method: a new and reusable heteropoly acid catalyst for highly efficient acetylation of alcohols and phenols under solvent-free conditions
Farhadi, Saeid; Zareisahamieh, Reza; Zaidi, Masoumeh

 ·  Biotransformation of chalcones by the endophytic fungus Aspergillus flavus isolated from Paspalum maritimum trin
Corrêa, Marivaldo J. C; Nunes, Fátima M; Bitencourt, Heriberto R; Borges, Fábio C; Guilhon, Giselle M. S. P; Arruda, Mara S. P; Marinho, Andrey M. R; Santos, Alberdan S; Alves, Cláudio N; Brasil, Davi S. B; Santos, Lourivaldo S

 ·  Spectroscopic characterization of the exopolysaccharide of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri in Cu2+ resistance mechanism
Osiro, Denise; Franco, Roberto W. Assis; Colnago, Luiz Alberto

 ·  Prenylindole alkaloids from Raputia praetermissa (Rutaceae) and their chemosystematic significance
Rosas, Lisandra V; Veiga, Thiago André M; Fernandes, João B; Vieira, Paulo C; Silva, M. Fátima das G. F. da

 ·  HPLC-FLD simultaneous determination of 13 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: validation of an analytical procedure for soybean oils
Camargo, Mônica C. R; Antoniolli, Paula R; Vicente, Eduardo

 ·  Electrochemical behavior of copper in drinking water: evaluation of dissolution process at low anodic overpotential
Rios, J. F; Calderón, J. A; Nogueira, R. P

 ·  Solid-phase microextraction for determination of anilino-pyrimidine, dimethylcarbamate and thiadiazine pesticides in irrigation project surface water
Silva Filho, Clóvis F; Emídio, Elissandro S; Dórea, Haroldo S

 Short Reports
 ·  Synthesis of dihydropyrimidin-2-one/thione library and cytotoxic activity against the human U138-MG and Rat C6 glioma cell lines
Canto, Rômulo F. S; Bernardi, Andressa; Battastini, Ana Maria O; Russowsky, Dennis; Eifler-Lima, Vera Lucia

 ·  Pd-catalyzed Heck reactions of aryl bromides with 1,2-diarylethenes
Limberger, Jones; Poersch, Silvia; Monteiro, Adriano L