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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.5 no.3 Campina Grande Sept./Dec. 2001

 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
 ·  Agricultural drainage systems. Part I: model development and sensitivity analysis
Borges Júnior, João C. F.; Ferreira, Paulo A.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Silva Júnior, Aziz G. da

 ·  Agricultural drainage systems. Part II: comparison between the developed model and other methodologies
Ferreira, Paulo A.; Borges Júnior, João C. F.; Silva Júnior, Aziz G. da; Pruski, Fernando F.

 ·  Removal of suspended solids in irrigation water utilizing non-woven synthetic fabrics
Scatolini, Marcos E.; Paterniani, José E. S.

 ·  Hydraulic performance and water distribution profile of two models of the Supermamkad minisprinkler
Rocha, Felizardo A.; César, Júlio H. F.; Mello, Carlos R. de; Pereira, Geraldo M.

 ·  Continuous head loss in tubes carrying swine wastewater
Sampaio, Silvio C.; Denículi, Wilson; Oliveira, Rubens A.; Silva, Demétrius D. da; Matos, Antônio T.; Martinez, Mauro A.

 ·  GEOPIVO: simulation model for evaluating center pivot irrigation system performance
Rodrigues, Lineu N.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Silva, Demetrius D. da; Martinez, Mauro A.

 ·  PUMPCOM: a model for pump curve combination and performance analysis
Andrade, Camilo de L. T. de; Allen, Richard G.; Wells, Robin D.

 Soil and Water Management
 ·  Influence of the counting time on neutron density determination
Andrade, Antônio R. S. de; Jadoski, Sidnei O.; Guerra, Hugo C.; Guerrini, Ivan A.

 ·  Response of upland rice, dry bean, corn and soybean to base saturation in cerrado soil
Fageria, Nand K.

 ·  Utilization of TM/LANDSAT-5 images as a tool in soil surveys
Lima, Zuleide M. C.; Ribeiro, Mateus R.; Lima, Alexandre T. de O.

 ·  Evaluation and spatial variability of phosphorus, potassium and organic matter in a Podzol
Silva, Paulo C. M. da; Chaves, Lúcia H. G.

 ·  Growth analysis of a bean crop submitted to four levels of soil humidity
Nóbrega, José Q.; Rao, Tantravahi V. R.; Beltrão, Napoleão E. de M.; Fideles Filho, José

 ·  Calibration of a soil moisture model for an alluvial soil without vegetable cover
Araújo, Eduardo C. B. de; Aguiar, José V. de; Costa, Raimundo N. T.

 ·  Efficacy of the fungicide epoxiconazol applied by center pivot irrigation system on dry bean
Cunha, João P. A. R. da; Teixeira, Mauri M.; Vieira, Rogério F.; Barbosa, Luiz C. de A.

 Agricultural Metereology and Climatology
 ·  Evapotranspiration estimation in mango orchard using soil water balance
Silva, Vicente de P. R. da; Azevedo, Pedro V. de; Silva, Bernardo B. da; Bassoi, Luís H.; Teixeira, Antonio H. de C.; Soares, José M.; Silva, José A. M. e

 ·  Characteristics of upper atmosphere from high-resolution surface data
Souza, Enio P.; Leitão, Mário M. V. B. R.; Barbosa, Tatiane F.

 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
 ·  Quality of corn grains as a function of harvesting moisture content and drying air temperature
Alves, Wederson M.; Faroni, Lêda R. D'Antonino; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Corrêa, Paulo C.; Galvão, João C. C.

 ·  Flowability of inert particle beds with fruit pulp: effects on the drying in spouted bed
Medeiros, Maria de F. D. de; Alsina, Odelsia L. S. de; Rocha, Sandra C.; Jerônimo, Carlos E. de M.; Mata, Ana L. de M. L. da; Medeiros, Uliana K. L. de; Furtunato, Andréa A.

 ·  A comparative study of the cooling of oranges using three cooling systems
Teruel, Bárbara; Cortez, Luís; Fo, Lincoln N.

 ·  Physiological quality of sorghum seeds collected at different points in the dryer
Silva, Jadir N. da; Cardoso Sobrinho, José; Carvalho, Jairo A. de; Dias, Denise C. F. dos S.; Reis, Fernando P.

 ·  The influence of drying methods on the conservation of Tabebuia roseo-alba (Ridl.) Sand. seeds
Degan, Patrícia; Aguiar, Ivor B. de; Sader, Rubens; Perecin, Dilermando; Pinto, Luciana R.

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Movement of trivalent chromium as influenced by pH, soil horizon and sources of chromium
Alcântara, Marco A. K. de; Camargo, Otávio A. de

 ·  Algorithm for classification of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda, Smith) damaged corn plants on digital images
Sena Júnior, Darly G. de; Pinto, Francisco de A. de C.; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Mantovani, Evandro C.

 ·  Zoning of coffee and the change of the agricultural composition of the Triângulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaíba, MG - Brazil
Melo Júnior, Júlio C. F. de; Faria, Roberto A. de; Sediyama, Gilberto C.; Ribeiro, Carlos A. Á. S.; Santos, Fernando A. A.

 Rural Constructions and Environment
 ·  Composite beams of reforestation wood and glue-laminated bamboo: theoretical and experimental analyses
Lima Júnior, Humberto C.; Dias, Antônio A.

 Automation and Instrumentation
 ·  Low cost electronic push cone for the study of mechanical impedance to root growth
Cappelli, Nelson L.; Umezu, Claudio K.; Campos, Rodrigo F. de

 Agricultural Machines
 ·  Evaluation of losses in an axial flow bean harvester
Souza, Cristiano M. A. de; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Cecon, Paulo R.; Mantovani, Evandro C.

 ·  Power requirement for driving an axial flow bean harvester
Souza, Cristiano M. A. de; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Dias, Gutemberg P.; Pinto, Francisco de A. de C.

 ·  Improvement of the billet metering mechanism used for mechanical planting of sugarcane
Dias Neto, Américo F.; Magalhães, Paulo S. G.; Braunbeck, Oscar A.

 Preliminary Note
 ·  Analysis of the Swamee-Jain's equation for the calculation of friction factor
Andrade, Leandro; Carvalho, Jacinto de A.

 ·  Probability of the ocurrence of water deficits in Dourados, MS - Brazil
Fietz, Carlos R.; Urchei, Mário A.; Frizzone, José A.

 ·  Probable monthly rainfall in Boa Vista, Roraima State, Brazil
Araújo, Wellington F.; Andrade Júnior, Aderson S. de; Medeiros, Roberto D. de; Sampaio, Regynaldo A.

 Technical Paper
 ·  Evaluation of the water traps and stored water usage in the semi-arid region of Bahia - Brazil
Cavalcanti, Nilton de B.; Resende, Geraldo M.