Estrous induction in Toggenburg goats using intravaginal devices

Twelve Toggenburg breed nuliparous female goats were randomly assigned to two treatments intended to induce estrus. On day zero, animals on T1 (n=6) were treated with an intravaginal sponge impregnated with 60mg of medroxyprogesterone acetate plus 50µg of PGF analogue. The T1 goats received eCG (250IU) on day 4, and on day 5 the sponge was removed. The T2 goats (n=6) received CIDR-G® as intravaginal sponge plus 50mg of PGF analogue. All goats expressed behavioral estrus, and the pregnancy rates were 83.3 (5/6) and 33.3% (2/6) for T1 and T2, respectively. The interval from withdrawal of the device to onset of estrus did not differ between treatments (P>0.05). Ovulatory traits also were not affected by treatments. The interval between CIDR-G® removal and ovulation for T1 and T2 goats were similar (P>0.05). Both sponge and CIDR-G were equally efficient in inducing the estrus behavior in goats.

caprine; CIDR-G; eCG; sponge

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