Serological survey on influenza virus in domestic and wild birds from Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

J.G. Oliveira Jr. M.S.P. Belluci J.S.M. Vianna C. Mazur C.M. Andrade L.P.L. Fedullo C. Portz B.O. Loureiro About the authors

The presence of antibodies to the avian influenza virus subtypes H1N1 and H3N2, was studied through the technique of hemagglutination inhibition in the plasma of 225 birds of RIO-ZOO Foundation, Bwana Park and of small flocks of the Rio de Janeiro State. Among the studied birds, 60 (26.6%) were seropositives, being 22 (9.8%) for the subtype H1N1, 28 (12.4%) for the subtype H3N2 and 10 (4.4%) for both subtypes. These results indicate the occurrence of these avian influenza virus subtypes in Rio de Janeiro and point out the potential risk of their transmission for the industrial poultry and humans.

Birds; influenza virus; H1N1; H3N2; hemagglutination inhibition

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