Effects of phenol, glycerin and acetic acid on the liver of guinea pigs

Efeitos da soluçao de fenol, glicerina e ácido acético em figado de cobaias

PURPOSE: To investigate the histolytic action of a solution composed of phenol, glycerin and acetic acid for irresectable hepatic metastasis. METHODS: Thirty-two (n=32) guinea pigs were randomly distributed into two groups of 16 animals. The animals in group 1 (experimental) and group 2 (control) were redistributed in two subgroups of eight animals each, according to the day of sacrifice (24 hours and four weeks after injection). All the animals were submitted to median laparotomy, which was followed by the injection of solution E and saline into the livers of subjects in both the experimental and control groups, respectively. The animals were evaluated for biochemical and anatomopathological (liver) alterations after 24 hours and four weeks of the experiment. RESULTS: It was observed that solution E produced necrosis limited to the injected area and that hepatic tissue recovery occurred after four weeks with the formation of a small necrosis area. No biochemical parameters were altered either in the experimental or in the control group. CONCLUSION: In view of the obtained results, the possibility of using the proposed solution can be considered in cases of irresectable metastasis.

Acetic Acid; Phenol; Glycerol; Liver; Guinea pigs

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