Dartos flap coverage of the neourethra following repair for primary hypospadias, reoperative hypospadias and urethrocutaneous fistulas: it is a safe approach

Emprego de um retalho pediculado do músculo dartos para cobertura da neouretra na cirurgia primária de hipospádias, reoperações de hipospádias e correção de fístulas uretrocutâneas

Hayrettin Ozturk About the author

PURPOSE: Urethrocutaneous fistula and neourethral dehiscence are frequently seen complications of hypospadias surgery requiring reoperation. In this study we report the experience of one surgeon with dartos flap coverage in primary hypospadias, reoperative hypospadias and urethrocutaneous fistulas repair. METHODS: A total of 23 patients underwent hypospadias and urethrocutaneous fistulas repair from January 2006 to May 2009. Fourteen patients were operated on for primary hypospadias repair at our institution and 9 patients were admitted for hypospadias complications such as failed hypospadias repair and urethrocutaneous fistula. In all the patients, the dartos flap was dissected and transposed to cover the neourethra. Operative results were recorded. RESULTS: The primary surgical procedure was a one-stage repair in 61% (n = 14); tubularised incised plate (TIP) urethroplasty in 43% (n = 6) and a Mathieu procedure in 57% (n = 8). Urethrocutaneous fistulas complicating the previous initial hypospadias repair were anterior in 33% (n = 2), middle in 33% (n = 2) and proximal in 33% (n = 2). Repair of the fistula was successful on the first attempt in all patients. The reason for redo surgery in 3 patients was complete dehiscence and the patients had distal shaft hypospadias. CONCLUSION: Dartos flap coverage of the neourethra seems to be an effective method of reducing the fistulous complication rate following primary and secondary hypospadias repair.

Hypospadias; Fistula; Surgical Flaps; Scrotum

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