Telescopic straight ileo-anal anastomosis in dogs

Anastomose íleo-anal direta por telescopagem em cães

PURPOSE: To study outcomes and functional results of a telescopic straight ileo-anal anastomosis. METHODS: Thirty-six mongrel dogs were submitted to total proctocolectomy and telescopic straight ileo-anal anastomosis (ileal mucosa-submucosa pulled-through the rectal cuff). They were divided in 3 groups, sacrificed after one, two or eight weeks after the initial procedure. Gross and microscopic (degree of cooptation and signs of ischemia) aspects of the anastomosis, as well, the aspect of defecation were analyzed. RESULTS: On microscopy all anastomosis analysed showed a continuous epithelial line and were considered good. After two-months no signs of ischemia were identified. Defecation aspect has considerably changed during the study, so no dogs presented solid defecation within the first two weeks, whereas 80% of dogs presented solid stools after two months. CONCLUSION: Telescopic ileo-anal anastomosis is a safe alternative and may provide good functional results after some small period of time.

Colectomy; Anastomosis; Surgical; Colorectal Surgery; Dogs

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