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The benzylamine oxidase in patients with advanced gastric adenocarcinoma

Nelson Adami Andreollo Luiz Baldini Neto João Paulo Toledo Marina Raquel Araújo Luiz Roberto Lopes Rachel Lewinsohn About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate the benzylamine oxidase (BzAO), a tissue enzyme located in the middle tunica of the blood vessels specifically in the smooth muscle, in neoplastic and normal fragments removed of surgical specimens resected from patients with advanced gastric adenocarcinoma. METHODS: Were included in the study 24 patients (18 males and 6 female, mean age of 55,4 years). Considering the localization of the gastric tumours, 11 were in the antrum, 9 in the body, 2 in the cardia, 1 in the antrum and body and 1 in the fundus. Patients were submitted to total gastrectomy (12 cases) and to subtotal gastrectomy (12 patients) with D2 lymphadenectomy. The findings of BzAO were correlated with age, sex, localization, hystopatological type and the surgery performed. RESULTS: The enzymatic activity in normal tissues varied from 22,9 muM to 111 muM (média de 57,1), however, in neoplastic tissues the activity were higher and varied from 35,5 muM to 148 muM (média de 70,7). Statistical analysis using the t student test showed significant differences (standard deviation = 2.373 and p = 0.0263, p < 0.05). CONCLUSION: The enzymatic activity were significant in the gastric tumours fragments, suggesting that there are a correlation between the BzAO and the angiogenesis, and therefore the possibility of utilization the antiangiogenic therapies to cause the inhibition of the tumor growth and metastases formation.

Benzylamine oxidase; Stomach; Gastric adenocarcinoma; Angiogenesis

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