Histologic and histometric study of the villous and of the ileal goblet cells, on the ileocystoplasty in female rats

24 rats of WISTAR, females, OUTB EPM-1, divided in two experimental groups of 4 and 12 weeks (GE I and GE II). they suffered ileocytoplasty for study of the ileal mucous. Each female rat was its own control (GC I and GC II), for the exclusion of segment ileal of 1,0 cm., in the moment zero of the operation, juxtaposed to the segment pediculated ileal of 2,5 cm., that enlarged the urinary bladder. After the experimental time, the pieces operative retreats were processed with the controls, for microscopic study for the methods HE and Alcian Blue (pH 2,5) Orange. The euthanasia was consummated with anesthetic. The histomorphometric results were compared by groups between experiment and control and later its differences for independent groups, by means of the statistical analysis, that it fastened 5% the level of rejection of the nullity hypothesis, for the applied tests. There are progressive decrease of the number and height of GE II's villous in relation to GE I and of each experiment, compared with its control. The ileal globet cells (syalomucins), exhibit significant and progressive increase of its number. The alterations found in the ileal mucous of the ileocystoplasty, don't discourage its indication.

Urinary diversion; Histological techniques; Intestinal mucosa; Rat

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