Un théâtre de "l'hypothèse communiste"?

"Political theatre" does not often mean very much - no more than the incantation of the statement "all theatre is political". But what does politics represent in that case? This article understands "political" in the sense of "communism", in the same way the philosopher Alain Badiou has recently defined it in his theory of emancipation. Indeed what he proposes is the hypothesis of a "communist hypothesis". The purpose of this paper is to question the potential incidences of the relation between politics and the only emancipatory and egalitarian perspectives on the "political theatre" (a theatre of "communist hypothesis"). In this way it aims to sketch out after Badiou a first periodization of this kind of theatre; to reflect on the apprehension of its history and to start examining its strategies and functions.

Political theatre; communist hypothesis; history

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