Como Drummond constrói "Nosso tempo"

This article discusses, based on the poem "Nosso tempo", the way Carlos Drummond de Andrade's poetry captures and considers the historical and social time. Through a meticulous analysis of the semantic layer, the metaphoric language, the syntactic construction and the rhetoric and stylistic marks of this poem, it shows that the historical moment, reproduced by the poet, causes the fragmentation and the alienation of man, requiring of him a political position. Comparing procedures of poetic composition to the films of Chaplin, for their coherent structure, the precise concatenation between its parts, the coherence between the different materials of its composition and for the syntax which sustains the poem, this analysis reveals the work of the poet "worker-artisan-artist" whose function is to restore symbolically the union between men in this fragmented and pulverized capitalist world.

poetry; historical and social time; political commitment; function of art

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