The Transformation of the Educational Curriculum Materials Texts for Mathematics Teachers: An Analysis of the Principles Present in the Pedagogical Practice

Wagner Ribeiro Aguiar Andreia Maria Pereira de Oliveira About the authors

In this article, we analyze how teachers operate recontextualization of educational curriculum materials texts in teaching practices and principles that govern the operation of recontextualization. The research was qualitative in nature and the data were collected through observation, interviews, and documents. The data analysis was anchored on constructs of the codes theory of Basil Bernstein (1990, 2000) and suggests that the task of the educational curriculum material is not always implemented in accordance with the original intention of its drafters, in other words, teachers operate recontextualization of texts of educational curriculum materials to meet the principles present in pedagogical practices. The identification of these principles indicates benefits in the production of new educational curriculum materials, instructional materials, and teacher guides.

Educational Curriculum Materials; Recontextualizing; Teaching Practice

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