(Im)proper scenes for children?

Maria Silvia Pinto de Moura Librandi da Rocha About the author

The topics of this work are the Japanese anime Dragonball Z and how its fans - boys from different social and economical communities - built meaning about it. The proposal is (1) to discuss the two main themes of the narrative: fighting and attacking (certainly its most visible feature), and caring and respecting, which can be observed in the relationship among three characters - Goku, Gohan and Piccolo (in their roles as father, son/disciple, and master, respectively); (2) to analyze the values conveyed in these relationships, and (3) to give voice to some children's reading and construction of meaning about these themes and values. Considering the above, this work intent to bring hypothesis about (a) the reasons why Dragonball Z is a television hit and (b) the effects of adults' position (especially educators) in considering this show improper for children, a priori, will be raised.

Childhood; Japanese animes; Education

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