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Teachers' work and the new National Education Plan (PNE): professional development, training and working conditions


This article discusses teachers' work in Basic Education (Elementary, Middle and High School) and the new perspectives pointed by the National Education Plan (PNE), particularly the aspects related to professional development, training and working conditions. There are strong expectations in the new PNE as to ways of funding basic education, but, on the other hand, there are many questions concerning the forms of evaluating education as well as its impact on the teaching work. It is known that policies aimed at teacher development are strongly necessary so that we have a valued working condition. In the same vein, continuing education policies and working conditions must be the target of strong investment so that teachers' work can ascend to a more dignified working condition. However, the PNE is an opportunity for pressures and new conflicts so that a new and important development for the teaching condition can be achieved.

Keywords :
Teachers' work. PNE; Teacher development; Continuing education; Working conditions; Basic education

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