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The teacher from the movies: identity construction and the teaching profession's significance

This paper presents the results of a study about teachers, the objective was to describe and analyze the construction of the teacher´s identity significance mediated by the narratives of life histories, after they had seen the commercial films about everyday issues experienced in school. From the theoretical principles of cultural-historical psychology (Vygotsky, Luria, Leontiev) and dialogism (Bakhtin), we noticed that the film mediation allowed original ways of thinking about being a teacher. In fact, the pedagogical dimension and the school culture cross multiple social locations (institutional) in which the woman-mother-teacher operates. Home and school, for example, are spaces that bring up contradictory identity positions. Thus, based on completion of interview and narrative, one can identify the relationship between film-woman-professional identity as unveiling of the tension in the acting and subjectivity constitution. Watching and thinking about the movie draw forth new material for reflection on what is it to be a teacher in specific cultural boundaries.

Teacher; Identity; Films; Significance; School

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