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Museum: a place that instigates teachers' self-identification

This article aims to understand the role that exhibitions play in visitor´s identity. Thus it suggests a special attention around the relationship between teachers and museum´s objects, in particular, the ones from the Museum of Childhood. It´s possible to observe, according to Kramer, Arroyo and Nóvoa, that museum´s artifacts (as photographs, educative objects etc.) become memories' resources and improve critical reflection about current and old pedagogical practices. Different ways to teach and learn are reviewed, and also school is deemed as a place to be critically analyzed. Conclusions emphasize that museums can be considered not only places to preserve culture and nature, but also locus to increase meaning production; spaces that promote reflections about teacher's self-identification, showing new ways to thing pedagogical structures, improving changes in teacher´s personal and professional choices/paths.

School; Identity; Teacher; Meaning production; Museum of Childhood

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