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Literary texts and teacher training: new narrative possibilities

This paper addresses the importance of using literary texts as a vehicle for expression and for (re) reading the different meaning dimensions in the process of teaching and learning formed along the paths of teacher training. It will be based on the critical reader concept developed by the young Vygotsky in his work "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" and the idea defended by Iser, one of de authors of the esthetic of reception literary theory, where the text works as a playing field where the author, text and reader, are interconnected by producing something that did not exist before. These concepts motivated the construction of one research methodology, ran with the undergraduate students from the Fluminense Federal University, proposing a critical reader task with literary texts connected to the school world, which enabled a space of narratives and stories between the text and their training experiences as well as to consider and analyze the future exercise of teaching

Literature; Teacher Training; Narrative; School

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