The Human Genome Project: a portrait of scientific knowledge construction by the Ciência Hoje magazine

Andréa Carla de Souza Góes Bruno Vinicius Ximenes de Oliveira About the authors

The Human Genome Project (HGP), which began in 1989, was completed in April 2003. In this paper, we report the evolution of the scientific knowledge that culminated in the release of the human genome nucleotide sequence by Ciência Hoje (CH) magazine, a pioneer in science popularization in Brazil. We analyzed the release of the HGP in CH through December 1984 to December 2010, a range that includes the planning of the sequencing, the foundation of institutions to undertake the project and continuation of the HGP, the rivalry with the private company Celera Genomics, the publication of the first draft and the immediate consequences of the project. We hope that the understanding of the spirit of that time and the styles involved in such process contribute to an adequate view of the scientific knowledge production related to HGP and improve the scientific education of biology and science teachers.

Human Genome Project; DNA sequencing; Ciência Hoje magazine; Genetic teaching; Science popularization

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