The local and global scales of environmental education presented in Brazilian theses and dissertations

Glaucia de Medeiros Dias Dalva Maria Bianchini Bonotto About the authors

Whereas the debates on environmental issues, as well as on the possibilities of coping with them should consider the inherent relationship between the local and global scales, we became interested in mapping and discussing academic work with regard to these scales in environmental education (EE) from theses and dissertations in the CAPES Theses Database, an important tool for the dissemination of Brazilian scientific knowledge. We identified a considerable number of academic papers that refers to these scales, especially to the local. But the way that many of these references are written can be characterized as diffuse and inarticulate, which we believe can undermine the contributions of EE in the face this current environmental crisis. This indicates the need for further efforts that might elucidate and implement the links between local and global scales and EE.

Environmental education; Scientific production; CAPES Theses Database; Local scale; Global scale

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