Approaching university and school through the use of the academic production in school classes

Renato Xavier Coutinho Vanderlei Folmer Robson Luiz Puntel About the authors

Considering the increased academic production geared to the school context and the teachers' difficulties in using it in their practice, an experience of continuing education for its use in the school context is presented here. This is an action research project, conducted in a public school, dedicated to training teachers in service. The actions had an interdisciplinary character and took place in two inter connected modules. Initially meetings were conducted to empower teachers to find papers. Later the teachers developed a practice based on problematization and transposition of the content of the papers to the reality of school. The results indicate that the use of academic production by the teachers was effective, despite initial difficulties, providing a process of reflection on practice in school, besides the incorporation of production to everyday teaching. Thus, we believe that it was possible to reduce, at least partially, the distance between the academic research and school practice.

Scientific production; Teacher education; Public school; High School; School practice

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