The historical approach of the human circulatory system: the educational value in the eyes of Biological Sciences students

Gabriel Ribeiro José Luís de Jesus Coelho da Silva About the authors


The integration of History of Science to approach the human circulatory system together with activities for metacognitive reflection characterizes a pedagogical intervention that was implemented and evaluated with a group of 22 students, in the Human Anatomy course in a Pre-service Biology Teacher Education Program. The evaluation carried out here focuses on the analysis of the educational value of the integration of History of Science in the exploration of the scientific theme, from the students’ viewpoint. The educational value of the historical approach is acknowledged, and it has been affirmed that it has contributed to the (re)construction of epistemological knowledge about science, to the learning of scientific contents and also to professional education, raising awareness of the innovation of pedagogical practices and the contextualized approach to scientific content.

History of Science; Human circulatory system; Human anatomy teaching

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