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Paths of women in science: "being a scientist" and "being a woman"

The article discusses the academic and professional history of women in science. The production of interviews with women scientists working in public universities and in a research institution in Rio Grande do Sul is the corpus of analysis in this study. In the analysis we draw attention to the power that crosses social relations constituting identities and differences that generate gender bias. In the narratives the denial of bias emerged - the recognition of sexist "jokes" that are not defined as bias and situations perceived as explicit gender bias. Another aspect refers to the need for reconciling professional life with family responsibilities, which resulted in part time work, and the postponement or refusal of motherhood. In the study we argue that the history of interviewees in science was and is built in an environment based in male values and patterns that restrict, impede and direct the participation of women in science.

Women; Science; Gender; University; Academic career

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