Technological and sensory characteristics of hamburgers added with chia seed as fat replacer

Características tecnológicas e sensoriais de hambúrgueres adicionados de semente de chia como substituta de gordura

Marielle Maria de Oliveira Paula Juliana Resende Gonçalves Silva Karoliny Lamas de Oliveira Armando Abel Massingue Eduardo Mendes Ramos Augusto Aloísio Benevenuto Júnior Maurício Henriques Louzada Silva Vanessa Riani Olmi Silva About the authors


In order to improve nutritional and functional quality, chicken burgers were made with different amounts of chia seed (0, 2, 4 and 8%) as pork fat replacers and evaluated for the microbiological, technological and sensorial characteristics. The proximate composition and the microbiological characteristics of raw burgers were in accordance with Brazilian legislation. Higher additions of chia increased the amount of dietary fiber (up to 1.46%) and carbohydrate in the products and reduced the fat content by up to 29%. The addition of chia seed reduced the a* values and increased the h* values of the raw burgers and reduced the tenderness and degree of lipid oxidation in the cooked burgers. Lower sensory taste scores and overall acceptance were conferred on products with higher chia addition; although, the degree of acceptance of the products was high. Results of this study highlighted the potential use of chia seed in the elaboration of low fat and enriched dietary fiber burgers.

Key words:
Salvia hispanica; dietary fiber; lipid oxidation; shear force; check-all-that-applies analysis

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