Diffusion of technology and sexism in the agricultural sciences

Ana Louise de Carvalho Fiúza Neide Maria de Almeida Pinto Tiago Nogueira Galinari Vanessa Aparecida Moreira de Barros About the authors

This study examines the perception prevalent in rural areas of technology as a product related to the male universe. Bring this research data that show the great distance of rural women's access to technological knowledge, produced and distributed within the university, which is directed to the improvement of quality of life and possibilities to increase the generation of income in rural areas, but the which they still have access insignificant. Worked on this research with the collection of data obtained in courses offered during the Week of the Farmer, over four years, from 2004 to 2007, correlating to each of the frequency of courses offered to men and women to them. We conclude that it perpetuates sexism technological models in the management of production units in rural areas as the woman in a hierarchical condition of complementarity and not as co-manager of the plant family, a condition which restricts access to information and expertise, management, and organization of environmental groups.

technology for rural areas; women; reproductive and productive work

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