Health and safety at rural environment: an analysis of work conditions in a milking sector

Leonardo Rocha Maia Luciano Brito Rodrigues About the authors

The health and safety at work are important and might be considered as essential and relevant for all productive sectors, including agribusiness, specifically in the milk chain production. This paper presents the results of an environment work conditions analysis in a milking sector at southwest region of Bahia State. The study aimed to identify the occupational risks (physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and accidents), as well as aspects related to food hygiene. The research consisted in a case study with qualitative and exploratory characteristics, aiming to observe and report the real conditions identified in the work environment and comparing with the current legislation. It was diagnosed predominantly ergonomic and accident risks, as well as irregular sanitary conditions that can result in biological risks. It was not found chemical or physical risks in the sector. Facing the results, it was proposed some recommendations involving issues related to organizational conditions, by offering training on operational procedures and health and safety at work.

occupational risks; occupational safety; ergonomics; milking

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