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Artificial colour haven evaluation, aveting and survival of Leporinus macrocephalus (Garavello & Britsky, 1988) fryes

Luciana Segura de Andrade Carmino Hayashi Claudemir Martins Soares About the authors

Weight, length and survival of Leporinus macrocephalus fryes, grown in differently colored artificial havens, were evaluated at the Aquaculture Lab of the Universidade Estadual de Maringá. The experiment was done during 28 days with 240 piavuçu (Leporinus macrocephalus) fryes with initial weight of 0.20±0.06g. The animals were distributed in a entirely randomized design with six treatments (without and green, red, blue, brown and white havens) and four repetitions in 12L-glass aquaria. Final weight, total length, condition factor and uniformity were the analized variables. At the end of the experimental period, weight, lenght and condition factor were not affected by the treatment without or with haven color. Higher survival was observed in the treatments without haven and those with red and green havens (P<0.05) than in those with blue haven. The use of white haven provided more uniform lots (P<0.05) than brown and green havens. It is recomended the use of white or red havens, or no haven for the growth of Leporinus macricephalus fryes.

behavior; Leporinus macrocephalus; piavuçu; colored haven

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