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Reproductive performance of sows submitted to intrauterine or tradicional artificial insemination

A total of 298 Camborough 22® sows was distributed in two treatments: T1 (n=154): intrauterine insemination (IUI) with 0.5 billion sperms in 20ml total volume; T2 (n=144): traditional insemination (TAI) with 3.0 billion sperms in 90ml total volume. It was possible to perform the IUI in 98.1% of sows. It was observed presence of blood on the catheter tip or pipete in 8.4% of IUI sows. The pregnancy (PR) and adjusted farrowing rates did not differ (P>0.05) among treatments. Litter size (LS) differ among treatments (P<0.05), being observed a reduction of 0.8 piglet in IUI. The blood presence in the IUI did not affect the PR significantly, but resulted in a reduction of 2.6 piglets per litter.

intrauterine insemination; artificial insemination; swine

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