Risk factors for healthcare-associated infection in pediatric intensive care units: a systematic review

Fatores de risco para infecções associadas aos cuidados de saúde em unidades de terapia intensiva pediátrica: uma revisão sistemática

A systematic review of observational studies on risk factors for healthcare-associated infection in pediatric Intensive Care Units (ICU) was carried out. Studies indexed in MEDLINE, LILACS, Cochrane, BDENF, CAPES databases published in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese between 1987 and 2006 were included and cross references added. Key words for search were "cross infection" and "Pediatric Intensive Care Units" with others sub-terms included. 11 studies were selected from 419 originally found: four studies had healthcare-associated infection as the main outcome without a specific site; three articles identified factors associated with lower respiratory tract infection (pneumonia or tracheitis); three articles were concerned with laboratory-confirmed bloodstream infection; and a single retrospective study analyzed urinary tract infection. The production of evidence on risk factors Paediatric ICU has not kept up the same pace of that on adult - there are few studies with adequate design and statistical analysis. The methodological diversity of the studies did not allow for a summarized measurement of risk factors.

Cross Infection; Pediatric Intensive Care Units; Delivery of Health Care

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